Pork Tenderloin

Recommended to have with Chickpea Puree and Massaged Kale Salad.

Pork Lettuce Cups

This is a staple dinner at my house since my husband loves any type of Asian influenced food. I would highly recommend having this with Pickled Carrot Strings on top and Asian Dipping Sauce to really get the most out of this dish.

Pickled Carrot Strings

This is a fun way to eat carrots and is also the perfect topper on my Pork Lettuce Cups.

Note: These pickled carrot strings will keep for up to a week in the refrigerator.

Breakfast Frittata

You may remember this recipe from the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge! This is a great one for making enough for the next day also. You can have this cold, or reheat it in a microwave on a medium power setting.

Experiment with mixing some nutritional yeast into the frittata before baking, or sprinkling on top for a cheesy flavour!

Tip: if you have a muffin tray you can also make your frittata into “breakfast muffins” for a great grab-and-go breakfast.

Almond Butter Bark

If you are going to have dessert, then this is one of my favorites because the coconut oil (a healthy saturated fat) helps to slightly reduce the insulin surge you get from the rice malt syrup. Keep in mind that this is a small effect but, hey at least it is something!

Note: you can store your almond butter bark in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Chai Banana Smoothie

This is a great drink to make for yourself if you are needing some time out to practice self-care; if you’re craving something sweet; or you have decided to make the leap and quit coffee. I personally prefer it as a hot drink and it tastes especially fantastic if you make it with your own homemade almond milk.

Kym’s Supercharged Green Smoothie

This incredibly micronutrient-dense green smoothie is my go-to drink literally every single day of the week! It will give you a ton of energy as well as most of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and fiber you need for the day. Forget expensive supplements (that many times don’t even contain what they claim to), just have this everyday!

I normally double the recipe, which takes me 2 days to get through before I need to make it again. Sometimes I will put less flax milk in it and eat it like a soup. It is a great snack to bring with you to work or keep on hand at home. As an optional ingredient to give your smoothie an extra nutritional boost, add in a tall shot glass of flaxseed!

Make sure you blend well in a high-speed blender to get it as smooth as possible.

Note: this normally takes up your fruit allotment for the day. If you do what I do and make a double “serving” of this recipe it will make approximately 64 fl oz/2L. If you are unable to source flax milk, you can replace it with almond milk.

Chicken Stock (makes 100 fl oz/3L)

Chicken stock is an ingredient you will see in a lot of your PCOS recipes. If you are wanting to save money as well as avoid all the many nasties commonly found in store bought chicken stock this is a very easy-to-make homemade version using your crock pot either over night or during the day when you are at work.

Note: This recipe makes approximately 100 fl oz/3L of chicken stock, and is a great way to prepare some chicken meat that can be used in other recipes like my Curried Chicken Salad.